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of the COSTNET17 conference in Palma de Mallorca. Talks and poster presentations will take place on the Mallorca Campus of the University of the Balearic Islands in the Son Lledó building, number 18 on this map. Program details subject to changes.

Wednesday (Oct 25)

time presenting author title
Action Conference
09:00 Wit, San Miguel, Klemm Opening, welcome, practical info
09:15 van Duijn Perceptions in Social Network Analysis: Statistical Modelling of Three-way Data
09:50 Tamarit Emergence of social structure: a generalization of Dunbar's circles
10:15 Bajovic Detecting random walks on graphs with heterogeneous sensors
10:40 coffee break
11:10 Peixoto Nonparametric weighted stochastic block models
11:45 Matias A semiparametric extension of the stochastic block model for longitudinal networks
12:10 Cutillo From Networks to Communities: a Robustness Measure
12:35 Batagelj The COSTNET website
13:00 lunch break
Working Group 1: Exploring (massive) network data sets
14:00 Di Serio Welcome to the session
14:10 Subelj Three forms of convexity in graphs and networks
14:30 Cortes From multimodal images to connectivity of brain networks in both healthy and pathological conditions
14:50 Martincic The Multilayer Networks for Language
15:10 Cugmas The emergence of core-cohesive peripheries blockmodel type
15:30 Drejerska Network analysis of commuting flows for delimitation of functional urban areas
15:50 Chrzanowska Network Analysis of Commuting Flows in Poland
16:10 coffee break
Action Conference: Posters
16:40 see list below flash talks advertising posters
17:00 see list below poster session

Thursday (Oct 26)

time presenting author title
Action Conference
09:00 Traveset Improving coextinction models to simulate consequences of pollinator loss on plant communities
09:35 Abbruzzo l1-penalized Gaussian graphical model for left-censured data
10:00 Szell Unveiling untapped potential in cities: From taxi sharing to mobility space inequality
10:35 coffee break
Working Group 2: Network Modelling
11:01 Artime Ageing and multiplexity in the voter model
11:18 Engebretsen How population clustering within a country affects infectious disease spread dynamics
11:35 Rodriguez Coinfection in the space: cooperative disease spreading in geometric and contact networks
11:52 Behrouzi Dynamic Chain Graph Models for Time Series Mixed Data
12:09 Grzegorczyk Non-homogeneous dynamic Bayesian networks with partially edge-wise coupled interaction parameters
12:26 Kadilar On the Graphical Markov Models with an Application
12:43 Michaud A stochastic heterogeneous mean-field approximation of agent-based models
13:00 group photo (in front of the lecture hall), then lunch break
Working Group 3: Network Inference and Prediction
14:00 Elliott A novel approach to network anomaly detection
14:25 Jarynowski What do infection incidences tell us about connectivity of a regional healthcare network?
14:50 Wit Network inference in genomics
15:15 Ranciati Mixture model under overlapping clusters: an application to network data
15:40 Nurushev Local inference by penalization method for biclustering model
16:05 coffee
16:15 bus departure for old town of Palma

Friday (Oct 27)

time presenting author title
09:00 Lupparelli Graphical models for sequences of non-independent regressions
09:35 Ibañez-Marcelo When shape matters: Brain networks studied under a persistent homology view
10:00 Fernandez-Gracia Gromov-Wasserstein distance of complex networks
10:25 Batagelj Describing network evolution using probabilistic inductive classes
10:50 coffee break
11:20 Rancoita Bayesian networks for data imputation in survival tree analysis
11:45 Signorelli How to integrate gene enrichment analysis with information from gene interaction networks
12:10 Stadler Gene Trees, Species Trees, Reconciliation Maps, and Phylogenenies
12:45 closing, lunch

COSTNET action conference: posters and flash talks

Authors printed in italics announce their poster by a flash talk before the poster session.

presenting author title
Artime Dynamics on Networks: Competition between Temporal and Topological Correlations
Bassolas Scaling in the recovery of cities during special events
Bozhilova Thresholding and random network generation based on uncertain networks
Cardoso Topical homophily in online social systems
Janosov Quantifying and comparing success in artistic careers
Kadilar An Analysis of Air Quality Data with Markov Chains and Time Series
Khalil Zealots in the mean-field noisy voter model
Koutras Random order statistics probability models for networks
Lebacher International Arms Trade: A Dynamic Separable Network Model with Heterogeneity Components
Lee A Network Epidemic Model for Online Community Commissioning Data
Lehmann ERGMs in neuroimaging - developments and challenges
Leskela Moment-based parameter estimation in binomial random intersection graph
Marchetti Graphoid properties and independence with Credal Networks
Min Fragmentation transitions in a coevolving nonlinear voter model
Mohammadi Bayesian Structure Learning of High-dimensional Graphical Models …
Pereda From Ego Networks to Dunbar's Numbers and Social Structure: an experiment
Pinho Classifier Precision Analysis for Sleep Apnea Detection with ECG Signals
Pont Serra Exact Computation of Percolation Cluster Sizes in Finite Networks
Raducha Predicting language diversity with complex networks
Sheykhali Plasticity on Ecological Bipartite Networks
Sieradzki Network Analysis of scientific Co-operation between faculties at Warsaw University of Life Sciences
Vicard PC algorithm for complex survey data via resampling
Vitanov Motion of substances in channels of networks
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