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COSTNET17 conference, Palma de Mallorca, October 25-27, 2017


Keynote speakers

Program and abstracts

The scientific program features 6 keynote talks and around 30 contributed talks. It also contains meetings of the three working groups of the COSTNET action. You can download the book of abstracts.


The venue is the Palma campus of the University of the Balearic Islands. There will be a direct bus transfer to the conference site from Can Pastilla, cf. Accommodation info below.


Upon registration at the conference desk, you obtain lunch tickets for the days you are attending. It is strictly necessary to have the ticket with you at lunch.

Lunch will be served at the Cafeteria of Campusesport, number 15 on this map. From the conference venue, you walk up the street about 200m, seeing a football field and then tennis/padel courts to your left. Reaching the next building, you turn left and walk up the stairs onto a terrace where lunch will be served.

The lunch consists of two courses, dessert, and coffee. It also includes bread and water (or soft drink / beer). The menu is

  • Wednesday: 1st Macaroni with cheese; 2nd Baked pork with mushroom sauce
  • Thursday: 1st Vegetable paella; 2nd Pepper salmon
  • Friday: 1st Tabule with mint and seeds sauce; 2nd Roasted chicken

Each of the first courses is vegetarian. If you foresee any incompatibility, e.g. you need a vegetarian second course, let us know during the coffee break in the morning.


Nautic Hotel&Spa in Can Pastilla offers COSTNET17 participants the following rates per person per night, including breakfast.

  • 55 Euro in single room
  • 35 Euro in double room
  • 5 Euro for upgrade to half-board

For booking, please contact the hotel directly, mentioning COSTNET17. Early booking is highly advisable. The hotel will require your credit card number and expiration date to guarantee the reservation.

Registration and abstract submission


Go to the registration page at

Important dates

  • Jun30 deadline for funding requests
  • Aug01 selection of contributed talks
  • Sep10 detailed program available
  • Oct25 conference begins


The conference is organized by members of IFISC (Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems)

  • Konstantin Klemm (chair)
  • Nagi Khalil
  • Joan Pont Serra
  • Jorge P. Rodríguez
  • Carlos M. Álvarez (web admin)
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