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Dear COSTNET participant,

In the past you may have received some support from the COSTNET Action, either by attending one of our conferences, training schools or sandpit meeting or perhaps by participating in an STSM.

As in April 2020 the COSTNET Action will finish, we will have to justify to Brussels how we have spent our money and what we have achieved. In this, it would be for the Core MC team (consisting of a small group of academics, besides myself) very helpful to have some input from you, among which the publications in which you acknowledge COSTNET (It would be good for COST and COSTNET if you could acknowledge the Action: this can be done very simply by “Author X acknowledges support from COST Action CA 15109”).

Could you fill out the short questionnaire, which we prepared as a Google form:

We would like to thank you very much for your input.

Ernst Wit
Chair COSTNET Action



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