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**CostNet** * [[start|CostNet wiki]] * [[About]] * [[co|Contacts]] * [[Members]] * [[wg|Working groups]] * [[STSM]] * [[News]] * [[ev|Events]] * [[pub|Publications]] * [[gal|Galleries]] * [[dat|Data]] * [[int|Internal]] * [[|CostNet web site]] \\ | {{wiki:pics:logo_eu_flag.png}} |<html><p style='font-size:8px;'> COST Action <b>CA15109</b>.<br> COST is supported by the<br> EU Framework Programme<br> Horizon 2020.</p></html> |


====== Events 2016 ====== ===== First Meeting of COST Action CA15109 COSTNET: Ribno, Slovenia. ===== [[|Meeting Website]] {{wiki:pics:ribnomeetingslide.jpg?300}} {{wiki:pics:bled.jpg}} From Wednesday 21 until Friday 23 September 2016 the first meeting of COST Action CA15109 will take place in Ribno, Slovenia, following the [[|Slovenian Applied Statistics conference]]. Copies of slides that accompanied the talks presented at the meeting, and some photographs, are available [[|here]]. ===== Dissemination: "Network Science and its Applications", Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge UK. ===== From 25 August until 27 August 2016 the Isaac Newton Institute organized a meeting, entitled "Network Science and its Applications". At this meeting, the Work Group Leader, Prof. Steffen Lauritzen, presented the start of the COST Action network COSTNET and encouraged people to sign up. [[ev:2016/lauritzen-sna02-cost.pdf|Slides]]

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