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the European Cooperation for Statistics of Network Data Science

COSTNET is COST Action CA15109 which aims to foster an international European collaboration on the emerging field of statistics of network data science. COSTNET facilitates interaction and collaboration between diverse groups of statistical network modellers, establishing a large and vibrant interconnected and inclusive community of network scientists.

Official information from the COST Office:

Chair Vice Chair Administrative Officer Science Officer
Professor Ernst Wit Professor Gesine Reinert Ms Carmencita Malimbam Ms Estelle Emeriau
University of Groningen University of Oxford COST Office COST Office
Nijenborgh 9 Department of Statistics Avenue Louise 149 Avenue Louise 149
9700 AK Groningen 1 South Parks Road 1050 Brussels 1050 Brussels
OX1 3TG Oxford
Netherlands United Kingdom Belgium Belgium
COST is supported by the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020.
© 2016 COST Action CA15019.
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