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COST Action CA15109.
COST is supported by the
EU Framework Programme
Horizon 2020.


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====== CostNet wiki ====== <html><font color="red"><h2>Hot</h2></font></html> * There will be a special **COSTNET themed special issue of Statistica Neerlandica**, entitled "Statistical Network Science". We would like to invite contributions for this special issue from all of you. The **deadline is 15 June 2019** and more information can be found in [[|call for papers]]. Accepted papers will be published in early 2020 in Statistica Neerlandica and will be invited for presentation on the final COSTNET meeting in Slovenia in April 2020. * **[[|4th COSTNET Conference]]**; Spain, Bilbao, 9-11.10.2019 * [[members|Use Twitter #COSTNET hashtag]] * [[members|Communication and dissemination strategy COSTNET - COST action CA15109]] * [[pub:online|Online seminars]] * [[stsm|STSM - Short Term Scientific Missions]]: As we still have some funds left for this financial years (that finishes on 30 April 2019), we will accept proposals for **Short Term Scientific Missions** on a running basis. The **STSM should be completed before 23 April 2019** (as the claim for reimbursement should be completed by 25 April 2019). For details about STSM applications, please look at [[stsm]]. * [[me:notes:job|Job announcements]] * [[ev:2020:ribno|SOCNET final meeting]], Ribno, Slovenia, 25-27.3.2020 * [[|ARS '19]]; Italy, Vietri/Salerno, 29-31.10.2019. * [[|MARAMI 2019]]; France, Dijon, 6-8.11.2019 * [[|Eighth Int. Conference on Complex Networks & Their Applications]]; Portugal, Lisbon, 10-12. 12. 2019 * [[|List of probability conferences on networks/graphs]] <html><!-- * [[news:2017#january_10_2017|News, January 2017]] * [[|CompleNet 2019]], Tarragona, Spain, March 18-21, 2019 * [[|Social network analysis in one health epidemiology]], Institute for Veterinary Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Free University of Berlin. 18 March 2019 to 20 March 2019. --></html> Members of the CostNet can write notes in [[me:notes:notes|Notes]] and store files in [[pub]] (public files) and [[net]] (CostNet project files). [[me:notes:notes#note15_jan_2017_vladimir_batagelj|Basic instructions for the users]]. [[wiki:welcome|Wiki welcome]]

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