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====== Ribno COSTNET final meeting ====== The final COSTNET meeting will be in **hotel Ribno** (**[[.hotel|booking]]**), Slovenia, March 25-27, 2020. The meeting starts EARLY on Wednesday (25 March 2020) and finishes at LUNCH on Friday (27 March 2020). To **register** and **submit an abstract** for the COSTNET 2020 meeting in Ribno use the * [[|Easychair]] The **deadline** for abstract submission and registration is 15 November 2019. To **register only** write in the abstract field ''NOT PRESENTING'' or ''COAUTHOR'' and title. The registration data can be corrected: Login into Easychair and click on the magnifying glass symbol. Correct your information and resubmit. At the end of the abstract (in the same text entry field) add the filled application form: <code> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- COSTNET 2020 APPLICATION FORM - first name: - last name: - gender (M/F): - career stage (PhD student/early career/senior researcher): - attendance (25 and/or 26 and/or 27 March): - talk or poster: - do you request funding (yes/no): - diet (vegetarian/vegan/nut allergies/no restrictions): - comments: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- </code> For local transportation airport - Ribno arrangement you can use [[|GoOpti]].

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