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**CostNet** * [[start|CostNet wiki]] * [[About]] * [[co|Contacts]] * [[Members]] * [[wg|Working groups]] * [[STSM]] * [[News]] * [[ev|Events]] * [[pub|Publications]] * [[gal|Galleries]] * [[dat|Data]] * [[int|Internal]] * [[|CostNet web site]] \\ | {{wiki:pics:logo_eu_flag.png}} |<html><p style='font-size:8px;'> COST Action <b>CA15109</b>.<br> COST is supported by the<br> EU Framework Programme<br> Horizon 2020.</p></html> |


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====== Ribno COSTNET final meeting ====== The final COSTNET meeting will be in **hotel Ribno** (**[[.hotel|booking]]**), Slovenia, March 25-27, 2020. The meeting starts EARLY on Wednesday (25 March 2020) and finishes at LUNCH on Friday (27 March 2020). To **register** and **submit an abstract** for the COSTNET 2020 meeting in Ribno use the * [[|Easychair]] The **deadline** for abstract submission and registration is 15 November 2019. To **register only** write in the abstract field ''NOT PRESENTING''. At the end of the abstract (in the same text entry field) add the filled application form: <code> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- COSTNET 2020 APPLICATION FORM - first name: - last name: - gender (M/F): - career stage (PhD student/early career/senior researcher): - attendance (25 and/or 26 and/or 27 March): - talk or poster: - do you request funding (yes/no): - diet (vegetarian/vegan/nut allergies/no restrictions): - comments: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- </code> For local transportation airport - Ribno arrangement you can use [[|GoOpti]].

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