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COST Action CA15109.
COST is supported by the
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Horizon 2020.


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====== Events ====== * [[ev:2016]] * [[ev:2017]] * [[ev:2018]] * [[ev:conf|List of conferences]] ====== ONLINE SEMINARS ====== * [[|Prof. Gesine Reinert, Turing Institute Talk]] * [[|Prof. Gesine Reinert, Master Class "Inference of Networks"]] * [[Estimating the number of communities in a network|Prof. Gesine Reinert, "Estimating the number of communities in a network"]] * [[|Dr. Veronica Vinciotti, "Sparse Gaussian graphical models for dynamic gene regulatory networks"]] * [[|Prof. Ernst Wit, "Network inference in genomics"]] * [[Properties of Latent Variable Network Models|Prof. Neil Friel, "Properties of Latent Variable Network Models"]]

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