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COST Action CA15109.
COST is supported by the
EU Framework Programme
Horizon 2020.


COSTnet wiki

In December 2016 I was invited by Ernst to temporally replace Claire Gormley. The first task was to transfer the action's web site to

To reduce my future workload I transformed it in a form supported by a wiki

The original WWW offered its content to users to read. Around 2000 the Web 2.0 emerged providing services that allowed to users also to contribute/write web content (YouTube, Facebook, etc.). For example pages for this meeting.

Wikis are services that support a collaboration in creating web sites:

  • editing hypertext (notes, syntax)
  • hierarchical structure of pages
  • uploading/downloading files (Data); zip the file if its format is not admissible for upload
  • access control:
    • actions: None, Read, Edit, Create, Upload, Delete
    • types of users: user, member, org, power, admin
  • versions system


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